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Let’s discuss your most essential kitchen ingredients, Your Go-To for a quick dinner or a little something special you add to your oldest recipes. What ingredients save the day for you?
Take out Salt and Pepper, just because they often stand alone, most times together at the center of the dinner table. ;) But everything else is open game.
Guess we could categorize ingredients in many ways like Oils, Spices, Herbs, Marinades, Sauces, Pastes, Etc.
In your kitchen what stands out as must have and must use, when unwanted guests show up to your door. Do you prepare a full out dinner or some snacks and drinks? Let us know what goes on with your family in laws and out laws.
Our Go to 5 Ingredients
Bacon (Luxury Item I guess, if not a good Olive oil or Grass Fed Butter)
Soft Cheese or Smoked Cheese
      Wow! Only one more left, that’s a tough choice. There are so many options Heavy Cream, Mushrooms, Red Chilies, Honey, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Peanut Butter, Oh my we can go on forever.
      I want to hear all of your favorites; it may help me with deciding my 5th.
      Our Favorite Sauces; 
      Piri Piri Hot Sauce
      Buffalo Hot Sauce
      Soy Sauce
            Our Favorite Herbs;
            Thai Basil
            Green Onion
            Italian Basil
              Our Favorite Marinades OR Pastes;
              Thai Red Curry Paste
              Green Cafreal Paste
              Reacheado Masala Paste
              Jerk Marinade
              Piri Piri Rub
                Our Favorite Spices;
                Garlic Powder
                Onion Powder
                Red Chili Powder
                Herbes de Provence
                Old Bay Seasoning
                  Our Favorite Oils & Butters; 
                  Flavored EVOO- chive, chili, garlic,
                  Avocado Oil
                  Coconut Oil
                  Country Churned Grass Fed All Natural Butter
                    Now since that breakdown helped and all of your inputs have given me a lot to think about, my 5TH ingredient has to be split between butter or cream. I think with either of them I could whip up a great last minute feast with whatever proteins or vegetables are available, even a quick pasta, risotto or stir fry is entirely possible.
                    Oh yeah and back to those last minute guests; I have always been surrounded by an open family and welcoming support system. So inviting anyone in was never a hesitation, it was the feeling of guilt actually if I did not have something to serve and honor our guests with that was more heartfelt.
                    As our Grandmothers and Mother have done in the past, the line-up of items were cheddar cheese and Ritz crackers, a quick samosa fry-up, or even some cheesy cocktail sausages. These days the cheese and crackers have become Brie on toasties with some homemade pepper jelly. The Samosa’s are still very prevalent and are now filled with many other fillings like pulled pork, beef short rib and even a sweet dessert one that mimics a cheesecake. The cocktail sausages have become extravagant charcuterie platters that lure people into clicking a pic. However, one thing always stayed the same;
                    When people come over announced or unannounced it is more about making them feel welcome and loved. With whatever little or as much as you have, you can make anyone feel special with your effort and most important secret ingredient; LOVE.

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